You understand what you want to do, and now you are ready to leave the office and start your own business. How to take a step forward, towards yourself, to go through an adaptation in a new role and open up to this exciting experience?

How to decide to start working for yourself? This is the main question that customers ask. This is the most difficult stage of those that come on the path of professional transformation. What will help to finally take this important step?

1.Allow yourself to move on

The solution will be conscious, and the goal will be more real if you can convince yourself of its correctness primarily yourself, reasonably explain to yourself why this is needed. Try to answer the question: “What and for what I’m ready to refuse?»Perhaps you will see that you can’t do anything to you in a sense and that some of your beliefs limit you. Honestly admit to yourself what they are and work out. This will make it possible to prioritize in a new way.

Let yourself move on. It will not be easy, because the brain usually resists everything that radically changes life. There is a lot of unknown ahead, to work with it needs resources and energy, with which the brain just controls, which it distributes. And therefore he needs reinforced concrete grounds that will “convince” him to agree to an adventure.

2.Change life « environmentally »

Take the first step when you have resources, and not when you are tired and burned out. When a person lives in a state of chronic stress, he is emotionally and physically exhausted, he has no motivation to do anything. Where

then the resources will come from for a new? In this state, we can quit nowhere, having no clear plans for the future, and this is not always a successful idea. If we have energy, we act not because we simply want to escape from where it is sad, there is little money and there are no prospects, but because we are ready for development, for change. And this is more likely to lead us to success.

3.Find three points

  1. Take care of the financial pillow in advance for about 3-5 months, which will support you at the very beginning. Calculate the amount of expenses that are related to your new work (training, equipment, advertising). So you will be less worried.
  2. Surround yourself by people who are already “in business”, support and inspire you. Your task is to enter the world where you are striving to become your own.
  3. Paise at least a week before starting. Just relax, stay in silence, reload the « batteries », comprehend what is happening. It’s like slowing down to carefully fit into a turn.

4.Tell the world about yourself

At the very beginning, you need to declare yourself. Put your uniqueness, yourself present in this self -presentation, and you will definitely get a response.

5.Accept and love uncertainty and love

So you get rid of the desire to control everything, which is impossible and only interferes with the development. It will be easier for you to adapt to changes, stay afloat, which is absolutely necessary at the beginning. The uncertainty contains a lot of potential and capabilities.

6.Evaluate your work

Appreciate yourself, because you need payment, evaluation, feedback. It depends on how quickly your brain begins to receive satisfaction and reward you with dopamine.


Initiate dating and joint projects. This will help gain experience, you will have like -minded people. Become part of a professional community to track trends and exchange experience.

And finally: leave yourself the right to adjust goals, do not tie a specific result, this will give you the opportunity to choose. One of the main factors of the success of your business is the opportunity to make mistakes, to be imperfect. And the result will not make you wait long if you do what you love.